A new visual identity for PSO!

We are extremely excited to share our new visual identity – via our brand new website – with you, thanks to the team at Linkletters.

Amy first heard Perth Symphony at the 2014 Leeuwin Estate Concerts and wanted to help us communicate our story to the widest audience possible – capturing the magic that is PSO in the process.

“The colours, images, and movement in our new brand, all capture exactly the unique energy Perth Symphony has on stage”.
Bourby Webster, Director, Perth Symphony.

Amy worked with us to really define the X Factor that makes everything we do special. We realised there are five words we keep at the front of our mind when creating every event and concert. These words are:


We also worked on the idea that Perth Symphony brings a unique energy, putting an electric current through every venue, every concert, every performance, and every location in which we perform.

Amy and her team found a way to visually capture this idea of ‘energy’ and we are really excited to see a vivid ‘current’ flow through our imagery. Look out for many more ideas and initiatives to build on this idea in future!

We feel the bright colours, strong bold fonts, and electric current absolutely captures everything Perth Symphony represents – and we hope you do too! We also hope our website creates a sense of what we do, and how we do it, being bright, bold, easy to navigate and with key information easy to find.

To see more of Linkletters in action, or to contact Amy, visit the website.