PSO welcomes new General Manager, Tina Nguyen!

We are excited to have welcomed a new staff member – Tina Nguyen, who is joining us as General Manager. Tina brings a wealth of experience to PSO, and has previously worked for Johnson & Johnson, the WA Vietnam Business Council and Spinifex Consulting. We asked her a few questions about music and working at PSO!

What do you love about PSO?
THE DIFFERENCE! I like PSO as it is a young cultural organisation, committed to making a difference in Western Australia. Perth Symphony is a unique orchestra which aims to provide ‘Music for Everyone’ through their innovative approach, and I am so pleased to be a part of it.

What is your personal connection to music?
Since I was small, I have always loved listening to music, all types of music. I lived in a small mountainous village where we could never afford to watch live music. We as young kids always loved to play music on boxes, food cans, or saucepans – anything that could make noise! We pretended we were a band, and it was so much fun! I still remember my mother telling me that when it got dark, sometimes a village musician would walk around the village and play traditional songs on the flute. He would bring music to every home, but unfortunately I never got to see him, maybe I was sent to bed too early!

What was the last concert you attended?
My husband bought me and our children tickets to listen to Andre Rieu in Perth. That is probably the first and greatest one I have ever been to.

What music are you currently listening to a lot?
I like the contemporary Pop and Rock songs coming from young artists at the moment, but I also like listening to classical pieces too! 

We’re very happy to have Tina on board, and can’t wait to see what she brings to PSO!