Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined back by popular demand!

It was the sold out success story of 2017 when Perth Symphony Orchestra and Justin Burford presented UNPLUGGED: NIRVANA REIMAGINED at His Majesty’s Theatre, a unique concert that has since led to international interest in the artists and charts written for the show. After receiving so many emails, messages and phone calls from people who missed out or those who are dying to see it again, we’ve listened! And we’re bringing it back – for one night only.

“This was no regular concert, this was an immersive experience… The performance left no doubt as to why this event sold out well in advance. Unsurprisingly, they received a well-deserved standing ovation.”
The Music

“the first thing that struck you was the stage set up with the lilies and the candles … you just knew that Kurt would have been so happy with it.”

“beautifully heart-stopping, a testament to the talent… There were cheerleaders, crazy lights… and it was so overwhelming I didn’t know where to look. But when one of the violinists came out and smashed a violin onto the stage floor, everyone’s attention was very much directed there. It was ridiculously fun…”

More information on this concert can be found HERE.

When: Friday 28 September
Where: His Majesty’s Theatre
Tickets: From $79 +bf – on sale now!

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