Perth Symphony’s C.A.L.M concert receives three wonderful reviews!

We are excited to have received three wonderful reviews for C.A.L.M (Come and Listen to Music) from OzArts, CutCommon and Xpress Magazine!

Neville Cohn at OzArts had this to say:

“There was an almost palpable air of anticipation before the start of Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, his 41st and last essay in the genre. With Jessica Gethin in top form directing proceedings from the podium, and the orchestra led with characteristic authority by Paul Wright, the work unfolded in exemplary fashion. There was a fine balance of power and grace in the opening allegro vivace. Cellos were in excellent fettle here. The andante cantabile was beautifully considered with as much focus on detail as on conveying the overall sweep of the movement. And the playing in the minuet was an essay in graceful strength with a frankly delightful buoyancy of both mood and momentum. The finale brought joyous energy in abundance as it flashed and glittered with fine detail.

As was customary in Mozart’s day, the orchestra played standing (other than the cellists, of course). Audience seating was arranged around the orchestra, the players casually garbed in blue jeans and white tops. And from first note to last, there was about the playing a disciplined commitment which augurs well. Laurels, in particular, to the cellists and flautist; their contribution was particularly pleasing. The same could be said of the horn and trumpet players who were much on their mettle.

This was an important event. I hope there will be more of them. There’s clearly a demand for it.”

We loved this review from Jasmine Middleton at CutCommon!

“Not only did PSO succeed in transporting concertgoers to a safe, calming space far from impending deadlines and the stress of everyday life. It succeeded in breaking down the long-established barriers of the ‘concert hall’ tradition as it completely reimagined the accessibility and experience of live classical music – for the better.

The outward, pure enjoyment that the PSO musicians exuded must have been infectious as, by the last C major cadence closing the piece, the whole audience was beaming. It was clear that the night had been a success.”

David O’Connell at X-Press Magazine had this to say:

“PSO’s performance was on point as they were able to play to their strengths. Despite their varied repertoire, this is the music they’re trained in — this is the music they’re familiar with. The light and bright strings, the brassy notes of the horns; this is not some sleepy idyll but rather a celebration. Dramatic but never overwhelming, Jupiter convinces us of its noble character and curative properties. It sweeps you along, giving you that hit of endorphins you require after a busy day.”

We thank co-presenter MSWA, concert partner Hewshott International and event partner City of Perth for making this concert possible.