Women On The Podium

Perth Symphony Orchestra, under the fearless leadership of our Founder and CEO Bourby Webster are proud to announce this brand new initiative; Women On The Podium!

This idea began as support to our Chief Conductor, Jessica Gethin, by enlisting 21 incredible women to form our Conductor’s Circle. This idea was only the beginning… Bourby endeavoured to help more Western Australian women step into leadership roles in WA, specifically conducting. So the proposal came forth for Women On The Podium, a program for a selected group young women aged 18-26. These women will learn the art of music leadership, exploring conducting as well as Music Directing and much more.

Bourby commented:

“[Women On The Podium will give] young talented WA women a chance to physically and metaphorically step onto the podium in the only program of its kind in Australia. The ultimate aim would be to create a centre of excellence for conducting here in WA for women.”

By encouraging women to become great leaders, this in turn attracts the discovery of new talent; We hope to develop future Concertmasters, Artistic Directors, Conductors, Music Directors and Producers. With a higher concentration of females in these roles this will mean a brighter future for any women seeking a career in music, and furthermore, a career in music leadership.

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