“Inclusive, Incredible, Immersive Theatre!”

Saturday the 23rd of February 2019 saw the closing night of one of Perth Festival’s most unique theatre experiences; “The Nature Of Why“. A select few of our string players took part in this stunning display of dance, music and audience interaction. The reaction from the public was outstanding, with several reviews giving it a 5/5 score!

outinperth.com said:

The Nature Of Why… [is] an event that is so incredibly you truly have to experience it to appreciate the true magnitude of its beauty”

The performance opened in the State Theatre Centre on Thursday the 21st of February. The unique energy created between the musicians, dancers and audience members was electric as the instruments were moved about, dancers turned themselves into chairs for violinists and audience members were integrated into the choreography.

Perth Symphony loved collaborating with the British Paraorchestra as well as conductor Charles Hazelwood and choreographer Caroline Bowditch

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