People of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes streamed into His Majesty’s Theatre on Friday 2nd August as Perth Symphony took them on a psychedelic trip for their ears. As the audience put on their laser specs, they were transported to the roaring 60s and were embraced with music from one of the greatest rock bands of all time, The Doors.

As the second instalment in the Perth Symphony’s Reimagined series came to an end, the orchestra was met with a full standing ovation with cries asking for more of Justin Burford’s amazing performance, inspired from Jim Morrison.

Thank you to Presenting Partner KPMG for making this concert possible.

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

Karen Sainsbury, Xpress Mag – 8.5/10 stars – Read the full review here.

“The musicians dressed to the theme of the 60s with beehive wigs and knee high boots spotted, a personal favourite being the beatnik tucked away in the back row. The crowd was all set for a psychedelic experience evoking the 60s and a new way of hearing the music of The Doors – and of course the lyricism of Jim Morrison, performed by Justin Burford.

 This experience took us places the original music never did, places that were hiding between the original notes and the dark places inside Jim’s lyrical mind. ”

Leigh Andrew Hill, Out in Perth – 4.5/5 stars – Read the full review here.

“when the lights came on we were immediately engaged with the visual feast of the entire orchestra dressed in a vibrant and eclectic mix of 1960’s attire”

Andrew Thompson, Around the Sound –  Read the full review here.

“The show itself was a riot of sound.  It was kind of like Phil Spector got hold of The Doors’ music back at the peak of his creativity, before guns and crazy wigs were his calling cards, and squeezed every drop of creative goodness out of it.

…Justin Burford inhabits Morrison’s reptilian epidermis so convincingly that, close your eyes for a moment, and you could believe that Jim was still alive.”

Karen Lowe, Amnplify – Read the full review here.

“By Break On Through, people were standing and singing along before giving a standing ovation to Burford and the conductor, Jessica Gethin before they walked off stage. Of course, you knew there was only one song that would (or could) officially end the show – The End and they truly saved the best for last.

Burford walked back on and looked at the audience. “You haven’t left yet?” He asked. “That means we have more work to do.” The arrangement for this one was perfectly melancholy and sombre – exactly what this song calls for.”

The Rockpit Australia – Read the full review here.

“Perth Symphony Orchestra were Rock Stars tonight. After tackling ‘Nirvana’ in their first Re-imagined concert taking on the greatest hits of one of the world’s most-loved bands is something you really do need to experience..”