Introducing Kim Grist to the Board of Directors!

It’s exciting times ahead with Perth Symphony as we welcome Kim Grist to the Board of Directors!

Kim was the founding partner of Grist Consulting where he recently passed the baton to Peter Grist who will lead the company and is now the major shareholder. Kim remains involved in the psychology of leadership, leadership coaching, goal setting and building accountability with executives who really want to make a difference through his new role at Ventana Consulting Group.
Kim has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Oregon State University where he studied while on a Track and Field Scholarship. Kim has been a registered psychologist for 25+ years and he is considered one of the Australia’s leading business development and change management consultants and psychologists.

Kim has worked with leading organisations across a range of industries in the areas of business growth strategy formulation, leadership and business development, culture and organisational change.

Get to know Kim a better with this fun questionnaire we asked!

  • What do you love about PSO?
    he PSO attracted me on a number of levels …trying to give musicians work, introducing music to kids through our educational programmes as these experiences assist learning…introducing orchestral music to people that wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity, through contemporary performances.
  • What is your personal connection to music?
    My connection to music is I get to play with different people at small gigs occasionally…play a bit of guitar and sing ..contemporary stuff …..I love the fullness of an orchestra with contemporary hits
  • What was the last concert you attended?
    The PSOs Doors interpretation at His Majesty’s …before that The Stones in Perth.
  • What music are you currently listening to a lot?
    High rotation, travel, Italian Language Lessons, cooking, surfing, Running Half Marathons and A Marathon a year,  being an involved grandfather …Father and Husband…The Fathering Project Board, part time working…consulting in psychology, change, business planning and business development