PSO wRight Awards 2019

At every PSO birthday we hand out ‘wRight Awards’, coined after our inaugural Concertmaster, Paul Wright. These awards are given for outstanding contribution by musicians to PSO over the year, including the wRight Award, given for something memorable that happens during the year that captures what pso is all about – fun, community, creative excellence.

Below are our 2019 winners!

Artistic Recognition Award –
2016: Paul Wright for his sublime performance of the 2nd Movement of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto at Beethoven, Beer, Bratwurst & Bjork
2017: Kathy Potter for her performance of the 2nd movement of Telemann’s Viola concerto (can you find the exact name & movement from the Baroque by Candlelight program) at Baroque by Candlelight.
2018: Jenny Coleman for her performance at Baroque by Candlelight
2019: Sophie Curtis for Performance for our Planet

Community Commitment Award –
2016: Zest Fest Quartet (Margie Blades, Andie Mendham, Katie McKay, Catherine Tabi) for performing Bizet in a local pub in Perenjori for no other reason than they wanted to – a gift to the community
2017: Wendy Tait for going above and beyond to connect and support the local community in Burringurrah through finding footballs and bass strings for community members whilst on a regional tour to the Gascoyne.
2018: Adam Hawksworth for always being the first to offer to help
2019: Miranda Murray-Yong for teaching one of the young dancers drums in the Wowak Project.
2019: Jenny Coleman for her work with regional kids on the Baroque Tour.

Spirit of PSO Award –
2016: Tresna Stampalia for her continual support of PSO, in particular through being a committee member for two years for Friends of PSO, giving time and ideas.
2017: Lucas O’Brien for incredible commitment to pso through the Concertmaster Development Program, attending Artistic Planning Meetings, debriefing concerts and rehearsals and helping shape the future of the orchestra.
2018: Jo Littely for going the extra mile and covering her whole face (!) in face paint at Halloween performances.
2019: Pascale Whiting for appearing in almost every bit of PR we’ve ever done and saying to anything we ask of her.

wRight Award –
2016: Paul Wright for wearing a turquoise blue shirt to 2016’s The Snowman, despite the dress code being concert blacks with a hint of red and green.
2017: Rachael Aquilina for her violin smash at Nirvana.
2018: Kieran Hurley for spontaneously busting out into baby shark at a school visit
2019: Sasha McCulloch for mustering cattle from a helicopter whilst on a trip to perform for Minderoo Foundation at Minderoo Station.