Sound & Waves program features uniquely Western Australian Stories

Intertwined with beautiful classical pieces inspired by the sea, Sound & Waves features uniquely Western Australian stories.

During the evening you will hear enchanting tales from;

Lesley Meaney – The first woman ever to swim the Rottnest Channel in 1969, making the 19.7km crossing from Natural Jetty to North Mole.

Peter Dudding – A life at sea as a Merchant Captain, Peter shares his experiences and stories about his journeys to the deep oceans.

John Longley –  From being a young boy sailing in dinghies on the Swan River to winning America’s Cup in 1983, a title defended by the United States for 132 years

Charitha Pattiaratchi –  A Professor at UWA Oceans Institute, Chari has dedicated his life to uncovering the mysteries of the deep blue sea. ⁣ A leader in his industry, he was part of the search for the missing MH370 flight.

Mark “Hillsy” Hills – Lifetime surfer, Hillsy knew at an early age he wanted to work in surfing full time and shares the influence Yallingup beach has had on his life.

Ian Scott – A lifetime member of Surfing Life Saver WA, Ian shares harrowing tales of being a lifesaver and the challenges the seas bring with high tides and stormy weather.


1. George Gershwin, Lullaby

2. Malcolm Arnold, Three Shanties

  1. Allegro con brio
  2. Allegretto semplice
  3. Allegro Vivace

3. Ross Edwards, Water Spirit Song

Performed by Sophie Curtis on the Cello and dedicated to Taryn Fiebig

4. Nigel Westlake, Ocean Sun Fish – WA Premiere

5. Antonio Vivaldi, Tempesta Di Mare

Soloist Margaret Blades on the Violin


6. John Butler, Ocean

Performed by Rick Webster on the Guitar

7. Sean Tinnion, Ocean Whispers – World Premiere

Conducted by Kate Milligan

8. Ross Edwards, Laughing Moon

  1. Ecstatic Dance
  2. Moon Song
  3. Clapping Dance

9. Katie Noonan, The Surfer

Solo Soprano Brianna Louwen

10. Rebecca Erin Smith. Clepsydra – Ocean topography, original works and World Premiere

Art displayed was created by Lousie Farnay

Piece: Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Sinfonia Pacifica – WA Premiere

  1. Recitativo, Lento Tranquillo

Conducted by Kate Milligan


Violin 1 – Margaret Blades, Teresa Vinci, Andrea Mendham

Violin 2 – Pascale Whiting, Jasmine Skinner, Ruth Klien Cook

Viola 1 – Kathy Potter, Christian Read

Cello – Sophie Curtis, Krista Low

Bass – Kirsty Collins

Flute – Diane Riddell

Clarinet – Cath Cahill

Oboe – Stephanie Nicholls

Bassoon – Joanne Littlely

Horn – Wendy Tait

Percussion – Paul Tanner

Guitar – Rick Webster

Vocal Soloist – Brianna Louwen

Conductor – Kate Milligan

Artistic Planning – Bourby Webster and Jonty Coy