Sound & Waves features uniquely Western Australian Stories!

Whether you surf, swim, fish, sail, or simply love spending summer evenings by the beach, this concert will awaken your connection to the ocean.
Intertwined with beautiful classical pieces inspired by the sea, Sound & Waves will feature uniquely Western Australian stories.
Hear the enchanting tales from;

Lesley Meaney – The FIRST woman ever to swim the Rottnest Channel. 🏊‍​🎖
​In 1969 she decided to take on the challenge and swim 19.7km from Natural Jetty to North Mole.

Peter Dudding – A Merchant Captain 📦🚢
A life at sea, Peter shares his experiences and stories about his journeys to the deep oceans.

Charitha Pattiaratchi –  A Professor at UWA Oceans Institute 🐟🧪
Dedicating his life to uncovering the mysteries of the deep blue sea. ⁣ A leader in his industry, he was even part of the search for the missing MH370 flight! ⁣

John Longley –  America’s Cup Champion in 1983 🏆 ⛵
From being a young boy sailing in dinghies on the Swan River to winning the America’s Cup, a title defended by the United States for 132 years!

Ian Scott – Lifetime member of Surfing Life Saver WA 🆘🏊‍
Ian shares harrowing tales of being a life saver and the challenges the seas bring with high tides and stormy weather.

Sound & Waves is on  Wednesday 25th of May at B Shed, Fremantle.
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