PODCAST: Music for Pasta and All Occasions with Silas Hite (LA)

Our latest podcast episode is ‘Music for Pasta and All Occasions’ with Emmy-winning film and television composer Silas Hite joining CEO Bourby Webster in conversation. Silas’ music features in our Music for Pasta playlist, currently available on Spotify, which is specially curated by the Perth Symphony staff and musicians, with additions and requests from the public welcomed. Read more about the playlists here.

Hear how a serendipitous meeting between Bourby & Silas came about some years ago, what it is like to soundtrack food and life in LA at the moment amidst the protests and unrest.

Listen on Spotify (below) or on your favourite podcasting app – simply search ‘Perth Symphony Orchestra.

The episode finishes on his ‘food symphony’ from the piece No More Doubt featured in the soundtrack to the Chef’s Table episode featuring n/naka and chef Niki Nakayama (S1 E04, available on Netflix), with a special mention to Ben Shewry of Attika Melbourne (S1 E05, available on Netflix).  Listen closely throughout the episode to hear music from Silas’ album ‘Sounds for a Dinner Party’ – which is especially on theme with our current ‘Music for Pasta’ interactive playlists.

Cover image by David Broach.