Perth Symphony is passionate about developing Western Australian talent.

Whilst we are still a very new orchestra, we are working hard to provide opportunities for orchestral performers, administrators, soloists, composers, conductors to develop their skills and are always very interested in hearing from passionate people who are looking for experience and opportunities.

Some of the ways we work with aspiring talent are:

  • Running a Composers Competition. We offer the winner a chance to work with our Chief Conductor, Maestra Jessica Gethin, and our orchestra to have their work performed in concert. To date we have also recorded the live performance, so the winner has a professional orchestra performance of their work.
  • Offering internships.  We offer up to two internships at a time, giving young arts administrators a day-a-week opportunity to understand every area of running an orchestra. It’s a very hands on experience and interns become part of the family. Read More … 
  • Graduate musician opportunities. A principal player may recommend a young student about to graduate or recently graduated. In such cases, we search for appropriate performances where we can give young players the chance to play as a professional player in a PSO section. If they are up to it, they quickly can become a regular member of PSO.
  • Showcasing solo artists. Wherever possible, PSO invites a solo performer who is living in Western Australia to perform in concert with the orchestra. We love showcasing the incredible talent in WA.
  • Showcasing composers. Wherever PSO controls the program, we aim to include a work by a West Australian composer. We have performed new works submitted to us, or played existing works by WA composers.

Click on the links below if you are interested in any of our opportunities.

I am a COMPOSER interested in the Composer’s Competition and having PSO perform one of my works


I am a MUSICIAN wishing to join PSO

I am a SOLOIST wanting to perform with PSO