Applications are now open for the 2023 Women on the Podium Program.  We have programs for advanced, intermediate & emerging conducting scholars.

Advanced Scholars:

Highly skilled and experienced conductors, already working in or aspiring to work in the professional sphere. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 1 year’s training in the Women on the Podium Program or equivalent. Open to all women, female-identifying and non-binary individuals who reside in Western Australia.


Intermediate Scholars

A preparatory course for those aspiring to be Advanced Scholars, and eventually work in the professional sphere. Women of all levels who conduct community groups and/or in education, aspiring to improve the love of music in our society by becoming inspiring leaders are also invited to apply. Open to all women, female-identifying, and non-binary individuals who reside in Western Australia

APPLICATIONS CLOSE – Friday, Feb 24h 2023

Emerging Scholars

Young musicians who are still at a formative stage in their careers and would like to explore conducting as a potential profession. Tertiary-level music students and career musicians are encouraged to apply; recommended age bracket 18- 26 years old. Open to all women, female-identifying and non-binary individuals who reside in Western Australia.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE – Friday, March 31st 2023


                • Short biography (100 words)
                • Personal statement about why you want to be part of the program, include which group you would like to apply for (200 words)
                • 1 minute video, talking to camera about what you think makes a good conductor
                • Supporting documents, references, videos, recordings etc. (maximum 2 in total)
                • If too big to email, videos & supporting documents can either be sent via file sharing service, uploaed to dropbox to Youtube or similar streaming service (set access to private).
                • Don’t forget to include the link to your video in your email application.

All applications should be sent directly to 

About Women On The Podium:

Our Women on the Podium program is a unique conducting and leadership program targeted at female Western Australian musicians. 

Women on the Podium, to date, has engaged over 40 participants, collaborated with many of WA’s major arts companies, welcomed 30+ observers and guests, brought world-class mentors to WA from the UK and across Australia, and created a supportive and encouraging environment for aspiring conductors and music leaders. 

“Every time I have these experiences, I grow as a musician, an artist, a conductor and as a human. l learned not only more about the music and conducting technique, but also myself. “ Elise Chong, Advanced Conductor 2022 

The program will include workshops, conducting masterclasses and discussions with experts in the industry, with mentoring from lead faculty members Alice Farnham (UK) and Jessica Gethin (AU), and faculty members Sarah Ioannides (UK/AU), Sarah-Grace Williams (AU), Peter Moore (AU) and Kris Bowtell (AU) to develop skills in orchestral conducting, musicianship and leadership, build confidence and knowledge to start and run their own ensembles. 

Applicants of all ages and all levels of experience are welcomed and encouraged to apply 

‘I had an amazing time and took so much away from the weekend – slowly implementing it into my current ensembles with some really exciting events coming up so thank you again, this has really inspired me and given me extra confidence just to go for it!’ Nikki Demandolx – Beginner’s Weekend 2022 

Please contact our WOTP Coordinator Penny Shaw at to express your interest in the program.  

The program is free to successful applicants, thanks to funding from the Minderoo Foundation, and Wesfarmers Arts as well as generous donations from the Women on the Podium Giving Circle.