Perth Symphony is taking Mozart on the road to Red Earth

12 OCTOBER – 15 OCTOBER 2021

Five Perth Symphony (PSO) musicians will head to Karratha for a candlelit celebration of the most mischievous man in the history of classical music.

We’re excited to see the rich, red earth of the rugged Pilbara landscape and perform in the Red Earth Arts Centre – an awesome piece of architecture inspired by the region’s unique scenery. We also can’t wait to introduce Karratha to the magical music of Mozart, and highly recommend you GET YOUR TICKETS before they all sell out!

A cheeky genius who did not play by the rules, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was as unique and rebellious as the rocky red earth of the Pilbara. It’s almost impossible to leave a Mozart concert without singing his beautiful tunes, and his gift for writing memorable melodies continues to be a source of inspiration for pop and rock musicians today.

A touring child rockstar of the keyboard and violin, Mozart absorbed every idea he came into contact with throughout his short life. Hearing his music live is a sweeping sonic experience of life in 18th Century Europe, and yet, the emotional language of Mozart’s music still speaks to the core of our human experience 230 years after his death. 

Before this immersive all-ages concert kicks off, PSO invites Karratha’s local string players to a community chamber music jam. An amazing opportunity to read through PSO’s favourite music for strings with some of WA’s finest musicians, this FREE TICKETED WORKSHOP is for intermediate-advanced level string players.

Students at local primary schools will get to meet the PSO musicians, learn all about string instruments, and enjoy a fun introduction to Mozart and life in the 18th Century. High School students will meet award-winning rapper and PSO violinist, Brain Kruger for an introductory workshop on writing rap music. Not only will they learn rap-writing techniques, they’ll also discover how writing rap music can help them reconnect with themselves and make sense of the world around them.

In between performances and workshops, PSO’s musicians hope to walk along the Yaburara Heritage Trail, swim at Hearson’s Cove, and visit Murujuga National Park to see the ancient Indigenous rock art at Nganjarli.

Perth Symphony’s Dim Sum Concert Program

Thank you for joining Perth Symphony and supporting live music as we celebrate the fusion of Chinese and Western culture through music!
Perth Symphony loves to take our music out of the concert hall and into different and unique spaces because we believe that music is for everyone and should be available to all. This Dim Sum series is the first time we have taken our music into a restaurant, so thank you for coming along and experiencing a first for PSO! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and we will continue to create magical moments and make orchestral music relevant and accessible, we hope you will continue to join us on our musical journey!
戰馬奔騰 (1976) 
COMPOSER: Chen Yaoxing (China), Arr. Jet Kye Chong (WA, Australia)  
作曲:陳耀星(中國),編曲Jet Kye Chong(澳洲西澳) 
SOLOISTS: Eddie Li (Erhu), Bevan Lixu (Yangqin) 
獨奏Eddie Li (二胡)、Bevan Lixu (揚琴)
This action-packed work evokes imagery of battle horses galloping across enemy lines. The technical challenge presented to the erhu reflects the strength and endurance of the Chinese cavalry. Hurtling chromaticism propels the melody forward.  
Eddie is joined by his son Bevan on yangqin, or hammered dulcimer. The instrument is thought to have ancestry in the Iranian santur or European Dulcimer, emerging in China in the 17th century. Contradictory origin stores tell of the yanqin arriving on the Silk Road via Mongolia, or by sea via the southern Chinese port of Guangzhou (Canton). 
Eddie 的兒子 Bevan 會以揚琴與他一同演奏揚琴17世紀在中國出現,相信前身是伊朗的 santur 或歐洲揚琴。對揚琴如何傳入中國有不同說法,一說是從絲綢之路經蒙古傳入,別一說是經海路從中國南方港口廣州輸入
COMPOSER: Liu Wenjin (China), Arr. Jet Kye Chong (WA, Australia) 
作曲:劉文金(中國),編曲: Jet Kye Chong(澳洲西澳) 
SOLOISTS: Eddie Li (Erhu), Bevan Lixu (Yangqin), Sean Lixu (Erhu) 
獨奏:Eddie Li (二胡)、 Bevan Lixu (揚琴)、Sean Lixu (二胡 
Sanmenxia is a city in the west of the Henan Province, China, on the south side of the Yellow River. Liu Wenjin composed this work after the construction of the Sanmenxia Dam as an homage to the diligent workers and the ambition of China’s construction industry. Upon its release, this work synthesised traditional Chinese folk tunes with Western harmony and notation. It remains a trailblazer for modern erhu writing.
San Men Xia Fantasy features the Lixu family: Eddie with his sons Sean and Bevan.  
野蜂飛舞 (1900) 
COMPOSER: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (Russia) 
作曲:Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov(俄羅斯) 
SOLOIST: Bevan Lixu (Yang Qin) 
獨奏:Bevan Lixu揚琴 
Flight of the Bumblebee was originally conceived by Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov as an orchestral interlude in his 1900 opera The Tale of Tsar Sultan. The piece tells the story of the Tsar’s son, who is transformed into a bee. The work has since been used extensively in popular culture, and is immediately recognisable around the world. It is often presented as a virtuosic instrumental feature, and is performed tonight by the prodigious Bevan Xu. 
野蜂飛舞由俄羅斯作曲家Rimsky-Korsakov創作最初是他 1900 年歌劇《薩坦沙皇的故事》中的管弦插曲。這部作品講述了沙皇的兒子變成了一隻蜜蜂的故事。此曲其後在流行文化中被廣為採用,並迅即獲全球稱譽。它通常以樂器表演形式呈現,要求精湛的演奏技巧,今晚由音樂神童Bevan Xu演出。 
SHUO (1982)  
Chen Yi is originally from Guangzhou in Southern China, and now resides in the US as a professor of composition at the University of Missouri—Kansas City. She was the first woman to earn a Master’s degree in composition in China. Chen has since been commissioned by the likes of Yehudi Menuhin and Yo-Yo Ma, and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2006.  
陳怡女士原籍廣州,現居美國在密蘇里大學堪薩斯分校出任作曲教授。她是中國第一位取得作曲碩士學位的女性。自此,陳怡受Yehudi Menuhin和馬友友等人委託作曲,並於 2006 年入圍普立茲獎。 
Here’s what Chen has to say about Shuo: 
“The word ‘shuo’ means ‘initiate’, and it also represents the first day of the month in the lunar calendar. In my piece Shuo, I applied materials taken from Chinese folk music… The mountain song singing style is presented by a viola cadenza in the introduction, and imitated by a violin cadenza in the last section of the piece. The first theme is energetic and developed in a fugue style of writing. The pitch material of the second theme is drawn from a lyrical mountain song of Shui minority in Southwestern China. All materials are combined into a brilliant finale.”
TO BECOME WIND (2020) Movements I, II, III 
幻化成風(2020) 樂章 I、II、III 
COMPOSER: Jonathon Yang (WA, Australia), transcribed for Dizi by Tresna Stampalia 
作曲:楊潔泓(澳洲西澳),由 Tresna Stampalia為笛子演奏改編 
SOLOISTS: Eddie Li (Erhu), Tresna Stampalia (Dizi) 
獨奏: Eddie Li (二胡), Tresna Stampalia (笛子) 
Jonathon Yang composed this narrative work for his Honours research project at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). To Become Wind is originally in six movements for a large orchestra, stylistically informed by Yang’s analysis of the Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto (next in this evening’s program). Perth Symphony present the first three movements arranged for string orchestra. 
楊潔泓為他在WAAPA的榮譽學士研究項目創作了這部敘事作品。 幻化成風原曲有六段樂章是為大型管弦樂團而創作,其風格源自楊潔泓對《梁祝小提琴協奏曲的分析(今晚的下一個節目)。珀斯交響樂團將會演奏為弦樂團編排的前三段樂章。 
Movement 1 – Call to the Wind
The male protagonist plays his erhu atop a mountain overlooking a valley. This tune—the first theme—is full of yearning, calling across the valley, hoping to connect with a loved one. 
樂章 1 – 向風呼喚 
Movement 2 – The Lady Feng 
The erhu melody is heard by a wind spirit, the Lady Feng, represented by the bamboo flute. This movement introduces and establishes the second theme, which the strings coyly echo. 
樂章 – 風女 
Movement 3 – Dancing with the Wind
This movement is quick and upbeat, with joyous moments of unison pentatonic melody in the strings. Both themes are present as the erhu and the Lady Feng celebrate and dance together 
樂章 3 –隨風起舞 
梁祝小提琴協奏曲 節錄 
COMPOSERS: He Zhanhao and Chen Gang (China), Arr. Jonathon Yang (WA, Australia), transcribed for Dizi by Tresna Stampalia 
作曲:何占豪和陳綱(中國),編曲楊潔泓(澳洲西澳),由 Tresna Stampalia為笛子演奏改編 
SOLOIST: Eddie Li (Erhu), Tresna Stampalia (Dizi)
獨奏:Eddie Li (二胡)、Tresna Stampalia (笛子) 
The Butterfly Lovers Concerto is an instantly recognisable work of Chinese orchestral music. Originally for violin, this work was written while the composers were still students at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Perth Symphony is pleased to present this work in an arrangement for erhu and dizi—Chinese bamboo flute—by local composer Jonathon Yang. 
The dizi—also known as the bamboo flute—is a versatile instrument used across many Chinese traditional genres. Archeologists in the Henan province have discovered transverse flutes made from bone, suggesting that the instrument has been present in China for almost 9,000 years. These digs yielded the earliest playable instruments ever found. The bamboo dizi is known to date back to the 2nd century BC. 
笛子亦稱竹笛是一種多變化的樂器,在許多中國傳統音樂流派中常佔一席位考古學家在河南省發現了由骨製成的橫笛,顯示此樂器在中國已有近 9,000 年歷史是迄今為止所發現最早的可演奏樂器。而竹笛的歷史可以追溯至公元前2世紀。 
The narrative of The Butterfly Lovers follows a tragic Chinese legend. An aristocratic young woman is not allowed to go to school, but attends nevertheless disguised as a man. She becomes friends with a working-class boy to whom she cannot reveal her secret, even when she falls in love with him. When he eventually discovers the truth and decides to propose, he finds the young woman already promised to an arranged marriage. Riddled with heartbreak and regret, he becomes ill and eventually dies. On the day of her wedding, the woman throws herself into the grave of her old lover, and the two transform into butterflies in death.
Erhu: Eddie Li 
Eddie Li is a celebrated Erhu master. He is the Director of the huqin subcommittee of the China National Orchestra Society (CNOS), is the Director of the Australian Chinese Folk Music Association and is a founder of (Perth’s Chinese Folk Music Academy).  
李世伦先生是著名的二胡大師。他是中國民族管弦樂學會(CNOS)胡琴專業委員會理事、澳洲中國民族音樂協會(Australian Chinese Folk Music Association)理事和珀斯中國民族音樂學院(Perth’s Chinese Folk Music Academy)創辦人。
Eddie studied under three great masters of erhu: Ming Yuan Liu, Ling Liang Shen, and Chang Fu Liu. He was the premier erhu player of the (China Railway Orchestra)—one of the first Chinese National Orchestras, established in 1950. Over the past 20 years, he has recorded works for numerous films, and featured as a soloist in both China and Australia, whether on television or in concert halls. Eddie migrated to Australia in 1993, after having performed with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and on Australia’s SBS channel in 1990. 
李世伦師承二胡大師劉明源、Ling Liang Shen和劉長福。他是1950年成立的中國鐵道樂團(China Railway Orchestra)的首席二胡演奏家,該樂團為第一批中國國家管弦樂團之一過去20年來,他為多部電影錄製作品,並曾在中國和澳洲的電視節目或演奏廳中獨奏演出。1990 Eddie與昆士蘭交響樂團合作演出及在澳洲 SBS 頻道中演奏,於 1993 年移居澳洲 
Eddie is also a singer, having studied with Shu-Mei Shang, and a prolific erhu composer. Recently, he has broadened his skillset into tertiary education and was appointed as an online lecturer at the China Central Conservatory of Music in 2020. His goal remains to spread and celebrate Chinese folk music. 
李世伦也是歌手,師承Shu Mei Shang,也是一名多產的二胡作曲家。最近,他將自己的技能擴展至高等教育領域,並於 2020 年獲委任為中國中央音樂學院在線講師。他的目標仍然是傳播和弘揚中國民族音樂。 
Erhu: Sean Lixu
二胡:肖恩 李徐
Yangqin: Bevan Lixu 
揚琴:贝文 李徐
Sean (17 y/o) and Bevan (14 y/o) Xu began learning erhu and yangqin in 2014. One year later, they won first and second prize at the Young Talent Quest WA on their respective instruments, and in the same year were scouted by Chinese Television to be young actors in a national TV series. 
肖恩 李徐 (17贝文 李徐(14)2014年開始學習二胡和揚琴。一年後在西澳青年才藝大賽(Young Talent Quest WA)中,以各自的樂器奪得等一和第二名,同年被中國電視台邀請為一輯全國電視劇擔任青年演員。 
Both Sean and Bevan learn from their father, Eddie Li. In 2017, when he was 9 years old, Bevan performed Flight of the Bumblebee on yangqin in front of 13 thousand people at Perth Arena. He has also featured as a solo singer at Crown Theatre and other public venues. 
肖恩 李徐 贝文 李徐均跟隨父親 李世伦 學習音樂。9歲的贝文 李徐2017年時已於珀斯體育館在13千名觀眾前以揚琴演奏《野蜂飛舞》他還曾在皇冠劇院(Crown Theatre)和其他公共場地獨唱演出 
Perth Symphony Orchestra is proud to present and encourage young talent, and we are delighted that Sean and Bevan are joining us onstage tonight. 
珀斯交響樂團以推介和鼓勵年輕人才為榮,我們很高興肖恩 李徐 贝文 李徐今晚加入我們的舞台。 
Dizi: Tresna Stampalia  
笛子:Tresna Stampalia 
Tresna Stampalia is well-known in Western Australia as the Director and founding member of the Chamber Ensemble Très Classique. She has had—and continues to have—an active career as a flute and piccolo player in many of Australia’s Symphony Orchestras and top Pop Orchestras.  
Tresna Stampalia女士是Très Classique室樂團的總監和創辦成員,在西澳享譽盛名。她曾在澳洲多個交響樂團和頂級流行樂團擔任長笛和短笛演奏家,並仍然活躍於這些樂團中 
She has played Principal Flute in National productions of Miss Saigon, Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, Wicked, and was the Principal Flautist for the Touring Australian Production of Disney’s The Lion King where she performed on the Pan Pipes and traditional Asian & Irish flutes. She has toured and recorded for Music Viva Australia and additional discography includes the CD ‘Paradiso’.  
她曾在《西貢小姐》、《錦繡良緣》、《歌聲魅影》、《魔法保姆》、《孤星淚》、《綠野仙蹤女巫前傳》等全國製作中擔任首席長笛,並且是迪士尼《獅子王》澳洲巡迴演出中的首席長笛,演奏排簫及傳統的亞洲和愛爾蘭長笛。她曾為 Music Viva Australia 巡迴演出和錄音並有一音樂作品集包括 CD光碟Paradiso。 
With a string of qualifications to her name, which include a Bachelor of Performance and a Bachelor of Arts, Tresna has studied in London and France, and presented concerts in both Italy and France. She is a Flute Tutor at WAAPA and is involved in flute teaching at all levels. She is an Examiner for the Australian Music Examinations Board and has adjudicated for the Fremantle Eisteddfod, South Suburban Music Society Eisteddfod, Kwinana Eisteddfod, and ATAR Assessments. 
Tresna擁有多項優秀學歷,包括表演學士和藝術學士,曾在倫敦和法國深造,並曾在意大利和法國舉辦音樂會。她是西澳表演藝術學院(WAAPA)的長笛導師,參與各級長笛教學。她是澳洲音樂考試局(Australian Music Examinations Board)的考官,並曾為 Fremantle Eisteddfod、South Suburban Music Society Eisteddfod、Kwinana Eisteddfod  ATAR Assessments作評判 
Composer: Jonathon Yang 
Jonathon Jie Hong Yang is an Australian composer, orchestrator, and arranger based in Perth, WA. Jonathon is a composer of film, orchestral, chamber, video game, and solo music. His work explores the expressive and dramatic possibilities of melody and rhythm.  
Jonathon has graduated from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Music Honours First Class and has taken his first steps into the professional world of music composition. Notable compositions by Jonathon include Brave the Wave (2020), which was composed during the lockdown and features the performances and artistry of more than 120 WAAPA Classical Music students. Jonathon has been interviewed by Andrew Ford for ABC Radio National and has had his compositions and work performed in the Perth Concert Hall, HBF Stadium, and the Richard Gill Auditorium. 
楊潔泓畢業於 WAAPA,取得一級音樂榮譽學士學位,並向專業音樂創作邁出了第一步。楊潔泓 的著名作品包括在封城期間創作的Brave the Wave (2020),此作品以 120 多名 WAAPA 古典音樂學生的表演和藝術造詣稱著楊潔泓曾接受ABC國家廣播電台Andrew Ford的訪問而他的作曲和作品曾在珀斯音樂廳、HBF StadiumRichard Gill Auditorium演奏 
Pascale Whiting – Concertmaster 樂團首席 
Susannah Williams 
Teresa Vinci 
Jasmine Skinner – Principal  首席 
Rachel Aquilina 
Kathy Potter – Principal首席
Alix Hamilton 
Sophie Curtis – Principal 首席
Sacha McCulloch 
Double Bass: Libby Browning – Principal 
低音提琴:Libby Browning – 首席 
Artistic Planning: Bourby Webster, Kate Milligan, and Lixu Family 
藝術策劃:Bourby Webster、Kate Milligan  Lixu Family 
Composition and Arrangement: Jonathon Yang 
Arrangement: Jet Kye Chong 
編曲:Jet Kye Chong 
Production: Jess Herbert 
製作:Jess Herbert 
Brand and Development: Georgina Harvey 
品牌及發展:Georgina Harvey 
Marketing: Polly Ash 
市務推廣:Polly Ash 
Finance: Nicky Sudmeyer and Lindsay Lennox 
財務:Nicky Sudmeyer  Lindsay Lennox 
Orchestra Manager: Georgina Harper 
樂團經理:Georgina Harper 
Thank you to presenting partner Fortescue Metals Group, concert partner Asian Australian Law Association and event partner Canton Bay for making this concert possible. 
感謝舉辦夥伴 Fortescue Metals Group、音樂會合作夥伴亞洲澳洲律師協會(Asian Australian Law Association)和活動合作夥伴 Canton Bay ,使這場音樂會可以成真 
Program notes written by Kate Milligan. 
演出程序備註,由Kate Milligan 編寫。
Translated by Lexigo.

Celebrating 10 years of PSO!

We are so proud to be known as the Orchestra that breaks the rules and we still can’t believe that we have been bringing music to the community for 10 years!

Perth Symphony Orchestra. Rockingham, Perth on the 20th Feb 2021 – Copyright Daniel Carson |

Read what our Founder and CEO Bourby Webster has to say about our big birthday, along with Sasha McCullough (cellist) and Stephanie Nicholls (Oboist) on being a part of the Perth Symphony Orchestra.
Read the full article ‘A decade of making their own rules’ in Seesaw Magazine by following the link: A decade of making their own rules – Seesawmag

Musicians for Hire T&Cs

  1. The musicians must be fully sheltered from the wind, cold, rain, sun, or extreme heat at all times.
  2. Each musician requires one armless chair upon which to sit.
  3. The musicians require adequate lighting so they can read their music. If this is not possible, please let us know so we can provide sconce lights for each music stand.
  4. The maximum performance time is sixty minutes for one-hour performances, or fifty minutes per hour (with a ten-minute break) for performances longer than an hour.
  5. Performances of more than three hours require a forty-minute break in addition to the standard ten-minutes per hour break.
  6. Refreshments are required—a small snack and drink are appreciated for performances longer than one hour. For performances longer than three hours, a meal must also be provided.
  7. A ‘green room’ or storage area is required for instrument cases and bags—this must be lockable.
  8. Overtime is charged at $40 per musician, per 15-minute increment.
  9. The quoted fee includes one hour of administrative work and repertoire consultation. Anything over and above this will be charged at a rate of $100 per hour in addition to the quoted fee. You will be notified before this threshold has been reached.
  10. A 40% deposit is required (upon invoice) to secure the booking. The remainder of the balance will be due upon receipt of a second invoice the week before the event.
  11. Cancellation within twenty-eight calendar days of the performance will require 50% payment.
  12. Cancellation within seven calendar days of the performance will require 100% payment.

Nothing Compares: The Music of Prince Program

Singer. Songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist. Record Producer. Dancer. Actor. Director. Icon.


Photo by Matt Jelonek/The West Australian

Conductor: Elise Chong

Let’s Go Crazy

Performed by: Hans Fiance

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Sign O the Times

Performed by: Hans Fiance

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Soft and Wet

Performed by: Sam Nafie

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Little Red Corvette

Performed by: Hans Fiance

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

When Doves Cry

Performed by: Amy Reeves

Arranged by: Klearhos Murphy and Callum O’Reilly

The Time Medley (Jungle Love/The Bird)

Performed by: Sam Nafie and Amy Reeves

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

I Would Die 4 U

Performed by: Ali Bodycoat

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

I Feel For You

Performed by: Amy Reeves

On Saxophone: Matt Kidd

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Diamonds and Pearls

Performed by: Ali Bodycoat

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Nothing Compares 2 U

Performed by: Hans Fiance and Ali Bodycoat

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Purple Rain

Performed by: Hans Fiance

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore (Piano Solo)

Performed by: Hans Fiance

The Beautiful Ones

Performed by: Hans Fiance

Ballerina: Avie Catherine

Arranged by: Kate Milligan

Manic Monday

Arranged by: Klearhos Murphy and Callum O’Reilly


Performed by: Sam Nafie

Arranged by: Johnathon Yang

Take Me With U

Performed by: Ali Bodycoat

Arranged by: Simon Kruit


Performed by: Hans Fiance

Dancers: Lauren Perrett, Manon Burgos, Amira Westerik, Georgia Barton, Daniel Martis, Tutu Solomon-TeWhaiti

Arranged by: Klearhos Murphy and Callum O’Reilly


Performed by: Hans Fiance, Ali Bodycoat, Amy Reeves and Sam Nafie

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Raspberry Beret

Performed by: Hans Fiance, Ali Bodycoat, Amy Reeves and Sam Nafie

Arranged by: Simon Kruit

Violin 1 – Margaret Blades, Susannah Williams, Anna Darbyshire, Madeleine Antoine, Teresa Vinci, Ruth Klein Cook, Julia Watson and Jasmin Parkinson-Stewart

Violin 2 – Pascale Whiting, Brian Kruger, Sarah Papadopoulos, Yasmin Omran, Kendra Smith, Roland Adeney, Brittany Williams

Viola – Kathy Potter, Alix Hamilton, Siobhan Finn, Grace Ah-quee

Cello – Emma Vanderwal, Catherine Tabi, Sacha McCulloch, Amber Day

Double Bass – Kirsty Collins, Oakley Paul

Harp – Catherine Ashley

Flute and piccolo – Hayley Rowntree

Oboe and Cor Anglais – Stephanie Nicholls

Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, and Tenor Saxophone – Matt Kidd

Bassoon – Hugh Ponnuthurai

Horn – Wendy Tait, Arianne Rooney

Trumpet – Jenny Coleman, Evan Cromie

Trombone – Matt Walker

Trombone and Bass Trombone – Will Pethick

Tuba – Chris Goff

Percussion – Paul Tanner, Steve Richter and James Chong

Electric Bass – Josh Dyson

Drum Kit – Mike Perkins

Creative Producer: Bourby Webster

Stage Production Co-ordinator: Jess Herbert

Event Director: Kate Schilling

Brand Manager: Georgina Harvey

Digital Marketing: Polly Ash

Show Caller: Kate Milligan

Orchestra Manager: Georgina Harper

Production Manager: Alex Spartalis

Sound Engineer: Jake Goodsell

Lead Crew: Chloe Shadlow

Soloist/Conductor Liaison: Penny Shaw

Finance: Nicky Sudmeyer

Stage Manager: Breanna Evangelista

Artist Liaison: Penny Shaw

Finance: Nicky Sudmeyer

Rubix Removals

Nothing Compares: The Music of Prince is presented by Mercedes Benz.

Thank you to AHG and Venues West for making this concert possible. We’d also thank the Barton Family Foundation and Kim & Sandra Grist for their support.

CHESS: The Musical – The reviews from Melbourne are in!

CHESS: The Musical kick-started its tour of Australia with sold-out shows in Melbourne last weekend. The reviews are in and it’s safe to say this show’s score with its 26 piece on-stage orchestra will blow your mind 🤯

Photographer Jess Busby

“The Melbourne season sold out well ahead of the short season, packing out the largest of Melbourne’s East End theatres … Storeyboard Entertainment should be congratulated for bringing a rarely presented musical to Australian audiences.” – Theatre People 

Inspired by extraordinary real-life events CHESS: The Musical is a gripping tale set during the height of the Cold War. Two chess grandmasters, one America the other Russian, find themselves pulled into the East-West political arena. As if things aren’t complex enough a powerful love triangle is thrown into the mix. Which grandmaster will be the King to this Queen and who will be left as the Pawn. Get your tickets to find out!

Alex Lewis, Brittanie Shipway and Mark Furze. Photographer Jeff Busby

“Magnificently dazzling twenty-six piece orchestra” – Broadwayworld

Sir Timothy Rice and Björn Ulvaeus are the masterminds behind the lyrics for CHESS: The Musical. Tim is a legend in his own right, along with CHESS he also wrote for other shows like Joesph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Jesus Christ Superstar! The musical also has a legendary rock-opera score that was created by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus from the pop group ABBA. It is argued it will be one of the most memorable scores you’ll ever hear!

Rob Mills and ensemble. Photographer Jess Busby

“Big names deliver vocal splendour… Roof-raising numbers.” – The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age

CHESS: The Musical will be in Perth from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th June and will be performing in the Perth Concert Hall. The Duxton hotel is offering 10% off their best available rates for patrons who are attending the show on Thursday or Friday evening. Don’t miss out on this exclusive deal call them on 1800 681 118 or email them at and quote the event name, event date and your ticket order number which can be found on your order confirmation email.

If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, luckily for you Perth still has tickets available, but they are selling fast. You can purchase yours here.

Women on the Podium returns in 2021

Less than 6% of conductor’s in the world are female. Perth Symphony is committed to changing this.

Perth Symphony’s Women on the Podium program is a unique conducting and leadership program, providing female West Australian musicians the opportunity to learn from world-class conducting experts, to lead orchestras and to have a lasting impact on The Arts in WA.

The only program of its kind in the southern hemisphere, it creates a safe space for women to excel. The program is entirely funded through the generosity of West Australian’s who believe in breaking down barriers and creating female leaders in WA.

In the last six months, four women who have participated in this program have gone on to make their professional conducting debut on the podium. Elise Chong at Stardust: The Music of David Bowie, Jen Winley at Sweet Dreaming: Eurythmics Reimagined, Kate Milligan at Claremont Christmas Carols and Kate McNamara with the West Australian Ballet’s performance of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. See a video of some our conductors in action here.


These women have not only made their debut on the podium, they are taking what they have learned through this program and changing the face of The Arts in WA. Jen Winley has launched her own ensemble, Banksia Ensemble, Kate McNamara is leading the Giovanni Consort, Elise Chong has started her own business Cult Classical, Jennylynn Andrews started Northern Lights Orchestra and Kate Milligan is a rising female composer and arranger, who has just been named one of the ANAM Set by the Australian National Academy of Music to commission a new work for Australia.



Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Perth Symphony is delighted to continue this ground-breaking program in 2021 and, if we reach our fundraising target, to provide this opportunity to even more female musicians in Western Australia this year.

We will have the opportunity to invite previous participants to join our Elite Program and take their careers to the next level and work with WA Arts companies like West Australian Ballet and WA Opera. 16 new female musicians will have the chance to enter this program and begin their careers as professional conductors and we will launch a professional development program for female music teachers who are responsible for shaping the next generation of female leaders in our schools.

This program is ambitious, but it is critical. Interest from female musicians across Western Australia looking to be part of this program only continues to grow and we are dedicated to ensuring the longevity of this.


If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to support our program, this can be made here. If you would like to find out more about this program and how you can support us, please contact our Brand and Development Manager, Georgina Harvey. We would love to share this success with you!

CHESS: The Musical – Cast Announcement and two new shows

An all star cast featuring Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Paulini, Rob Mills, Alexander Lewis, Eddie Mulinumaseali’i and Mark Furze.

This concert-style production features Perth Symphony Orchestra playing the original West End orchestrations.

With music by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA), and lyrics & story by Tim Rice (The Lion King, EVITA), CHESS THE MUSICAL is one of the most powerful rock-opera scores. Featuring global smash hits I Know Him So Well’ and ‘One Night In Bangkok’.

Set during the turbulent Cold War, two brilliant chess masters, one American, one Russian, become pawns to their governments. As the game climaxes, a remarkable Hungarian-born refugee finds herself ensnared in their emotional triangle of love and power.

This extraordinary sung-through production will be the music theatre event of 2021 that cannot be missed.

WHEN: Thursday 3 – Saturday 5 June

WHERE: Perth Concert Hall

Tickets on sale now with TWO new shows.

COVID-19 Update

Following the announcement by the Western Australian Government and continued restrictions measures in place until 12:01am 14 February, Perth Symphony’s upcoming Family Favourites concert on Saturday 6 February, presented by City of Bayswater has been postponed. A new date will be announced shortly.

City of Joondalup’s 80s Symphonic Spectacular on Thursday 11 February has also be postponed. Ticket holders will be contacted by Joondalup and a new date announced soon.

All concerts from Monday 14 February onwards will at this stage go ahead as planned, in line with Government restrictions.

Perth Symphony will continue to monitor and respond to the situation at hand. We are working with concert partners and venues regarding current restrictions, as the safety of our musicians, community and patrons remains paramount.

Should there be any changes to any upcoming Perth Symphony concerts, ticket holders will be advised via email and announcements made online and via our social media channels – @perthsymphony.

Perth Symphony team members are working remotely and can be contacted on email or on 08 9384 5060.

– Team PSO

SOLD OUT – Immersive Sound & Waves

Set by the water at the iconic B Shed in Fremantle, Sound & Waves celebrates the spiritual connection West Australians have with the Indian Ocean through a bespoke mix of live music, interwoven with stories told by WA individuals.

Perth Symphony will bring to life works by classical greats such as Vivaldi and Gershwin, juxtaposed with contemporary composers including Katie Noonan. Special solo performances made up of Ross Edwards ‘Water Spirit Song’ by Principal Cellist Sophie Curtis as well as guitarist Rick Webster performing John Butler’s ‘Ocean’ will provide a refreshing and contemporary twist to the event.

The concert includes a world premier soundscape performance of the Rottnest Channel topography, a special collaboration between Perth Symphony Orchestra and WA composer Rebecca Erin Smith commissioned especially for the concert.

Whether you surf, swim, fish or sail, this concert will evoke a sense of movement and awaken your connection to the ocean.

Tickets are now on sale! Get your tickets, here.