A mindfulness concert in the heart of the city

16 August 2018

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The acronym, C.A.L.M. – “Come And Listen to Music”, will hold more than just one meaning when Perth Symphony Orchestra takes to the stage 6pm on Thursday 16th August at Perth Town Hall to play Mozart’s Symphony No 41 otherwise known as the “Jupiter” Symphony.

Escape the rush hour and join us for some bite sized culture after a busy work day. Find sanctuary in the heart of the city and spend 40 minutes to CALM your mind. Head home relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

5.30pm: Doors and bar open
6.00pm – 6.40pm: Performance
7.15pm: Bar closes

Programmed as a short 40 minute concert, Perth Symphony Orchestra (PSO) aims to encourage stressed-out city workers to come straight from work, miss the busy “rush hour” and relax and rejuvenate with a culturally attuned mind and body holistic experience.

$25 Standing
$35 Seated
$35 Relaxation mat (yoga mat) (SOLD OUT)
Group buy available – purchase 9 tickets, get 1 free!

“The therapeutic benefits of music have always been known and now the audience will be able to fully immerse themselves into Mozart’s mellifluous music, allowing the stresses and strains of modern life float away,”

said Executive Director and visionary behind the concert, Bourby Webster. She continues,

“People will have the option to either lie down flat on a relaxation mat; sit on a chair; or stand at the bar with drink in hand! The perfect combination to really chillax!”.

A yoga instructor will host the concert and guide the audience “into the zone” by relaxing their minds and bodies with breathing exercises at the beginning.

Soft, warm lighting and beautiful natural acoustics will add to the atmosphere within the warm and cosy surrounds of Perth’s historic Town Hall enabling the audience to escape the chills of winter.

The hustle and bustle of city life will seem as if it’s on another planet as the Jupiter Symphony takes the audience on a journey that is destined to be out of this world.
A bar will be open from 5.30pm – 7.15pm for those who relax best with a glass of wine in hand!