Program for Mahler, Merlot … and Meatballs

Classical Done Differently! A classical music experience like no other: edgy, urban & intimate!

Hear movements of Mahlers 4th symphony reduced for chamber orchestra, alongside a world premiere by WA’s Klearos Murphy and other stunning chamber works. The concert starts at 7.30pm, doors open at 7.00pm

Did we mention there will be Bridgerton-inspired versions of Metallica songs too?

Magical music, magnificent merlot and mouthwatering meatballs in the coolest warehouse – The Mess Hall. An evening not to be missed.



Mahler – arr. Iain Farrington – Symphony No. 4 in G Major, Movement 1

Murphy – “ΑΙΩΝΌΒΙΟΣ” (Perennial)


Coleman – Afro-Cuban Concerto for Wind Quintet: Movement 1, Afro

Metallica – arr. Emily Gelineau. Master of Puppets

Poulenc – Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone: Movement 1, Allegro Moderato

Metallica -arr. Stephanie Nicholls. Nothing Else Matters

Mahler – arr. Iain Farrington – Symphony No. 4 in G Major, Movement 4



Conductor: Sara Duhig

Soprano: Rachelle Durkin

Concert Master: Susannah Williams

Violin: Pascale Whiting

Viola: Christian Read

Cello: Sophie Curtis, Andrew Tait

Bass: Jacqueline Dossor

Harp: Kira Gunn

Flute: Diane Riddell

Oboe: Stephanie Nicholls

Clarinet: Cath Cahill

Bassoon: Joanne Littlely, Wendy Tait

Horn: Doree Dixon, Renee Kennedy

Trumpet: Jenny Coleman

Trombone: Kieran Hurley

Percussion: Paul Tanner

Timpani: Amanda Dean



Creative Producer: Bourby Webster 

Production Manager: Donelle Gardiner 

Marketing Manager: Callen Dellar 

Orchestra Manager: Georgina Harper 

Artistic Planning & Artist Liaison: Emily Gelineau 


Thank you to The Perth Mess Hall for making this concert possible. We would like to thank our Concert Partners The Barton Family Foundation and Linear, our Principal Partner the Minderoo Foundation, and our Foundation Partner Warburton Giving.