INXS Reimagined Program




DANCING ON THE JETTY arr. Ash Gibson Greig

ORIGINAL SIN arr. Ryan Youens

WHAT YOU NEED arr. Ryan Youens

ELEGANTLY WASTED arr. Ash Gibson Greig

GOOD TIMES arr. Ryan Youens

NEVER TEAR US APART arr. Ryan Youens

THE ONE THING arr. Ryan Youens

LISTEN LIKE THIEVES arr. Ash Gibson Greig

NEED YOU TONIGHT arr. Ryan Youens


Interval (20 min)


WE ARE THE VEGETABLES arr. Ash Gibson Greig

DON’T CHANGE arr. Ash Gibson Greig

MYSTIFY arr. Ryan Youens

NEW SENSATION (BALLAD) arr. Ash Gibson Greig

BY MY SIDE arr. Ryan Youens

BABY DON’T CRY arr. Ash Gibson Greig

DEVIL INSIDE arr. Ash Gibson Greig

SUICIDE BLONDE arr. Ryan Youens




Singers: Tyrone Noonan, Abbe May, Vin Trikeriotis

Backing Singers: Mark Turner & Mia Matthiessen

Choir: West Australian Young Voices



Conductor: Laurissa Brooke

Concert Master: Susannah Williams

First Violins: Sara Duhig, Jasmin Parkinson-Stewart, Ruth Klein Cook, Runa Murase, Julia Watson

Second Violins: Pascale Whiting, Madeleine Antoine, Olivia Bartlett, Sarah Papadopoulos, Kendra Smith

Violas: Christian Read, Alix Hamilton, Cheralyn Simpson, Grace Ah-quee

Cellos: Sacha McCulloch, Catherine Tabi, Anna Sarcich

Principal Bass: Libby Browning, Jacqueline Dossor

Harp: Kira Gunn

Flute: Diane Riddell

Oboe: Kate Page

Clarinet: Cath Cahill

Principal Bassoon: Joanne Littlely

Horn: Wendy Tait, Nicole Dixon

Trombone: Matthew Walker

Bass Trombone: Kieran Hurley

Tuba: Chris Goff

Percussion: Paul Tanner, Josh Webster, Jet Kye Chong

Electric Bass: Josh Dyson

Drums: Mike Perkins


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  • The Barton Family Foundation
  • Modn Tech Solutions
  • Wise Wine
  • Running with Thieves


Also a big thank you to INXS for providing images of the band.