Our musicians are at the core of what we do.

Understanding their needs, nurturing their talent, giving them unique opportunities to express themselves and develop is always at the fore of our thinking when developing concerts initiatives.

The incredible positive energy of our musicians creates a magic on-stage that can always be felt off-stage by our audiences and everyone who hears us.

Under the baton of Chief Conductor Jessica Gethin, the Perth Symphony (PSO) comprises many of WA’s most talented orchestral musicians. Many have held principal player positions with Australia’s State symphony orchestras. Alongside these experienced musicians sit the cream of WA’s younger players. The combination of youthful talent with experience and musicianship is what gives PSO its unique sound and energy.

The orchestra is lead by Concertmaster and virtuoso violinist, Paul Wright.

PSO regularly performs as a full 76-piece+ symphony orchestra. However, a smaller ensemble of only 12 to 15 players regularly performs regionally. We have also performed with 55 musicians on several occasions and everything in between.

Featuring up to 35 musicians and often fewer, the Perth Chamber Orchestra (PCO) is the little sister of the PSO. The orchestra’s smaller number of players enables us to play in more intimate places and spaces and explore a different repertoire. The brilliance of our players, and the orchestra’s desire to do unique and original concerts, means the PCO is constantly innovating the way it presents music resulting in unique performance experiences.

Both PSO and PCO are fully professional orchestras with musicians paid for their performances.

The orchestra is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining PSO, please click here.