We aim to awaken a curiosity about music in young children of all ages and open the door to a world of magic through our music.

Perth Symphony has a range of programs, workshops and more, tailored to different age groups with the aim of bringing the symphony to life and inspiring a passion for music that will last a lifetime.

Programs can be customised to suit curriculum needs or simply bring something new and exciting to complement your current music activities. Initiatives include:

  • Mini Maestros – workshops with Years 1-3 with a focus on vocals and percussion to create a fun concert piece that teaches melody, harmony and rhythm in a very fun interactive way
  • Ensemble masterclasses – PSO ensembles work with small chamber groups, running masterclasses and demonstrations
  • Share the Chair – PSO musicians join a school ensemble or orchestra, so school musicians get to sit next to a professional in rehearsal, setting new benchmarks. The PSO musicians pass on tips, ideas, encouragement and more
  • Individualised composition, performance, musicianship and music profession mentorship as needed – from concert programming, rehearsal and practice techniques, arranging and more, PSO musicians and staff work with children to develop new skills and gain experience
  • Customised programs – PSO can customise a program or single activity to achieve the objectives of teachers and music departments.

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