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PSO Bringing Musical Magic to the Regions!

May 26, 2024 in Regional Stories

At Perth Symphony, we believe in the power of music to bring people together, inspire change, and create meaningful connections and making it accessible to all. Our Community Engagement initiatives are at the heart of our mission, designed to foster creativity and enhance the cultural vibrancy of our state.

Distance is no factor to us, and we will always try to endeavour as far out as we can to reach communities with a touch of music. The below reflection is just one (recent) example of the many projects we have worked on. Our incredible Community Engagements Manager Marie-Claire who went up to Karratha with a handful of PSO musicians (though did you know Marie-Claire is also a musician in her own right!) to foster creativity within this incredible community. Read more on the unbelievable achievements made by the team and the community below from Marie-Claire's view:

"Perth Symphony Orchestra (PSO) just wrapped up an epic 6-month project that brought the magic of music to the regions! This wasn't your average school concert though – this was student-powered music creation at its finest!

The project, called ‘Karratha Voices’, aimed to collaborate with students from 3 Karratha schools to write a song that celebrated their hometown. But the energy was so infectious that the project exploded, with a total of 9 schools participating and not just one, but TWO incredible songs being written and performed!

The grand finale took place at the renowned Red Earth Arts Festival (REAF), where the crowd was treated to a junior song performed by the talented Performance Troupe of Baynton West Primary, alongside a senior song co-written by Karratha Senior High School and Clontarf Boys Academy. Over 2,000 children were engaged throughout the project, and the energy at REAF was absolutely electric!

The PSO's passion for music extended beyond the original plan. An impromptu visit to Roebourne led to a special performance for the Yaandina Community at their Youth Facility. Elders, families, and young people all came together for a night filled with music and connection – a truly special event for the region.

A huge shoutout to the PSO's amazing team! Mark Underwood, Kieran Hurley, Leigh Miller, Jet Chong, Stephanie Nicholls, Laurissa Brooke, and Lachy Dean – your dedication to music education and community engagement truly shone through.

This project proves that music has the power to unite, inspire, and create lasting memories. Perth Symphony Orchestra is making waves, not just in Perth, but across Western Australia, and we can't wait to see what musical adventures we embark on next!"

- Marie-Claire, Community Engagements Manager


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