Work With Us

Who we are

Established in 2011, PSO exists to reach every Western Australian with orchestral music and provide a platform to showcase the extraordinary musical talent we have in our home state.

We are a dynamic musical organisation that seeks to redefine the rules of symphony orchestra performances. We do this by playing in places and spaces you’d never expect to find an orchestra, including sheds, warehouses, even aeroplane hangars in locations all over WA. We perform music from Mozart to Metallica, Björk to Beethoven and everything in between.

Perth Symphony has a unique position in the state’s cultural fabric as a nimble and flexible organisation that collaborates with a huge range of artists, art-forms, styles and cultures, to elevate WA communities through symphony orchestra performances.

Where we are heading

We are looking for individuals who align with our guiding principles of motivation and determination and who will play an active role in our team by being supportive, inclusive and collaborative.

Working in the arts may look like glamour but the truth is – it’s hard work requiring original thought, enthusiasm and integrity, with an eye for the bottom line.  For the right person, the rewards can be immeasurable. Bringing cultures and communities together in a way that uplifts and unites.

Music has the ability to make our spirit soar and our hearts sing – if you have a passion for the performing arts and are bright, adaptable, kind and collaborative, then consider joining the PSO team.