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Narrogin Outcomes Off The Charts

February 27, 2024 in Regional Stories

Perth Symphony Orchestra's (PSO) Green Shoots project has wrapped up a year-long journey in Narrogin, building a legacy of community harmony and cultural vibrancy. Led by Perth Symphony and Arts Narrogin, the project aimed to nurture community in Narrogin through the power of music and leave a lasting impact.

In 2023, enabled through a Lotterywest grant, 140 participants, guided by PSO professional musicians, formed 12 diverse ensembles. The project engaged a wide group of musicians of all abilities and a diverse range of ages (from 15-92).

Green Shoots 'Narrogin Project' - Workshops

The Green Shoots project went beyond musical development, extending its branches into workshops, school engagements, online coaching and aged care visits. As local businesses and volunteers were activated, Narrogin began to emerge as a cultural hub, with the project delivering a profound impact through its unique community-driven arts initiative.

The culmination of these efforts was the groundbreaking Hay Bales Concert set in a rustic hay bale arena, on local Narrogin farmland providing all involved with a unique and immersive experience. The event drew a sold-out local audience of 933, while 700 more joined online, underscoring the resonance of the project beyond the immediate community.

Green Shoots 'Narrogin Project' - Narrogin Hay Bales Concert

Reflecting on the transformative journey, a Green Shoots participant shared, "Honestly it was one of the best musical experiences I've ever had, and I'm so so thankful for the opportunity. It has inspired me to become a better musician and become more professional at gigs. I feel like it brought the community together for a once in a lifetime opportunity, and showed the power that music can do for social connection!"

A concert attendee captured the essence of this project's success, stating, "The show was absolutely beautiful with such talented local artists melding with the PSO. The camaraderie amongst all the workers, local volunteers and organisers was heartwarming. Witnessing the warmth and closeness of this wonderful community brought tears to my eyes. This is the wonderful country Australian way of life I grew up in and events like the Hay Bales Concert remind us that I am, you are, we are Australian. We support our mates when times are tough and we know how to throw a good party to bring our mates together."

As the Green Shoots project concludes, its impact extends far beyond the music. It leaves behind a community united through melody, a testament to the power of art to foster connection and elevate the cultural spirit of regional Western Australia. The project's success reflects not only the talent and dedication of its participants but also the profound impact that community-driven arts initiatives can have in creating lasting impressions.

We thank the wonderful sponsors, donors and partners who helped Green Shoots Narrogin to achieve such a huge success.


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