Annual Appeal

Light Up PSO

2022 Annual Appeal

In 2021 Perth Symphony Orchestra performed to more than 100,000 West Australians – a mighty impact in our 10th year!

For those who have followed our journey, you will not be surprised to find our talented musicians performing in the most wonderful locations right across WA performing music from Mozart to Prince and Eurythmics to Beethoven.

This year, we invite you to join us by making a gift to support our work. Our musicians are in need of new lights for our concerts and we invite you to “light us up” with your gift. Other options to support include commissioning an arrangement or supporting our game-changing Women on the Podium program.

Come and be part of the Perth Symphony journey to bring “Music to Everyone”!


Each time PSO heads out on the road, we include outreach programs for children in regional schools which are as diverse as our concerts from hip-hop rapping workshop to “instrument making” from recyclable materials! A gift of $25 will provide this experience for one regional or outer metro child and bring Music to Everyone.


Every time we perform, our players use a small light clipped to their stand, called a “sconce”, to light up their music. We are in need of new sconce lights for each of our musicians’ stands and hope to raise enough money to purchase 100 lights at $130 each. Help light up PSO by gifting a light to a PSO musician.


When you see PSO perform Let it Go from the movie Frozen, this music has been specifically arranged for our PSO performance – whether that is a full symphony orchestra or a quartet! Arranging is a skill that involves adapting a pre-existing piece of music and transforms it into a lush and spine-tingling sensation by using the range and diversity of the instruments of the orchestra. You can commission* your own arrangement by making a gift of $500 or more.
*We will even send you an image of the score which includes your name!

Women on the Podium

Perth Symphony has had a huge impact on West Australian stages by transforming expectations around who can lead an orchestra – and changing perceptions about leadership in our community. A child who has attended a PSO concert will grow up with an open view about who will be leading a symphony performance. Your gift of $1,500 will support a young female musician in the start of her journey to the podium*.
*Women on the Podium Donors are invited to WOTP events